Another week, another whirlwind of activity in affiliate marketing! Good news, though: New Yorkers can look forward to a weekend that’s not going to break the boiling point. Bad news: That’s because there are scattered t-storms all over the place. But what about the weather of the digital world? Well, it’s business as usual, really.

» Spotify’s already drawn a storm of litigation shortly after its U.S. launch.

» So has Groupon, do to some “unusual accounting” that’s drawing the attention of the SEC.

» The PMA has taken its Illinois-targeted Affiliate Nexus Tax fight from the Federal Court to the Illinois State Court in hopes of expediting an outcome.

» If you’re a UK-based affiliate marketer, take some time out to fill this census survey–if it interests you.

» Any of us who fly (sometimes or all the time) know that it can be stressful. So does Washington Post columnist Gene Weingarten and so he’s come up with a few words you can share with a fellow passenger the next time you fly.

» If you’ve been following the Anonymous/LulzSec soap opera unfolding with UK-based police officers, the story gets another wrinkle.


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