» Online video ads will now come with a special privacy icon intended to reassure users that their data is not being mined. [AdAge]

» NOT JUST AN ANAGRAM! The way we live now: With bus stops offering USB-powered hook-ups for commuters looking to grab a quick iPod or iPhone charge on-the-go. [AdWeek]

» Google’s “News Badges” could be a pretty genius way of getting users who otherwise haven’t opted for Google accounts to finally start using services like Gmail and Google Plus. [International Business Times]

» Last Friday one SEO supergirl–not Lisa Barone, mind you–quit SEO to go write the Great American Novel. Her reflective blog post is definitely worth a read. [Outspoken Media]

» Proof that targeted marketing exists even in the most basic, offline situations: If you’re looking to sell off useless junk, the website you sell it on could make all the difference in the world. [Lifehacker]

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