» Half-lives: Everything has one! Are you marketing your campaigns the best you can before they reach that point? Are they worth promoting further after that point. [Seth Godin]

» Bad news if you didn’t act fast: The Affiliate Summit East Meet Market is sold out! Of course we booked our table. We’re table #24. [Missy Ward]

» Twitter apparently drives 4 times as much traffic to a destination as you think it does; the snark department would probably add, “4 times none is still none.” [Awe.sm]

» 3 brilliant myths of the start-up tech bubble–because we’re definitely in one now. [RWW]

» Mobile’s becoming a bigger force in affiliate marketing. [EConsultancy]
» Spotify’s U.S. launch suddenly makes any coverage of Google+ seem like old, old news. [Spotify]

» 41% of Netflix subscribers say they’ll cancel after its recent DVD-dissuading price hike. [CNet]
» It appears that most New Yorkers have no idea how to save time and money when trying to get to the nearest airport. [The Awl]

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