AM Affiliate: IBM Takes Credit for Inventing Computers, Cigarette Marketing Gets Ugly, + More

» Google’s Doodle of the Day rocks: It’s a Takashi Murakami-inspired tribute to the First Day of Summer. [BuzzFeed]

» IBM has taken credit for inventing the personal computer; fact-checking tech bloggers are fuming over this incorrect assertion. [Ars Technica]

» Cigarette marketing is about to get a whole lot uglier thanks to new laws that will require packs in America to bear one of nine disturbing images starting in 2012. [AdAge]

» 5 cloud services compared. [Wired]

» Yesterday, we told you that about imminent ICANNarachy. Today, we’d like to amend that by saying that most of those domains bought in 2012 will probably fail. [PC Mag]

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