» The internet’s about to get a hell lot more complicated now that ICANN has approved top-level domains in what some are calling a dot-whatever initiative. But before you throw open your wallet and start clicking in pursuit of that coveted .affiliate domain, be aware of the costs: It costs $185, 000 to apply and $25, 000 yearly. [Mashable]

» Shameless is a word anyone may use a lot when discussing the New York Post–so it only makes sense that it would block access to its website via iPads in order to drive sales towards the iPad application of its papers. [Ars Technica]

» When resources are wasted, it makes sense to use technology to line up buyers for those resources. [Seth Godin]

» A great blog post–and comments thread, too!–on why SEO is such a black sheep in the pastures of the internet. [Outspoken Media]

» How a feedback loop can save lives. [Wired]

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