A Content Farm That Even Google Would Love

Wired takes a moment out today to talk with Lynda Weinman, the sharp mind behind In their Q&A, Weinman reveals a few principles which might explain why even though users shun content farms en masse, they’re willing to fork over $25 a month to access‘s prolific library of instructional videos.

Whereas classic content farms like eHow and Demand Media have a noted quantity-over-quality approach to content strategy, might be the wave of the future. Skilled experts are brought in to create tutorials and paid out in rev shares based on video views. While may not have Quora-like functionality built into it, it still continues to enjoy a growing membership and even licenses content to colleges, although Weinman doesn’t plan to get accreditation anytime soon, as she’d like the site to remain a resource committed to “learning for learning’s sake.”

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