It might be the end of the world today, but that’s no reason to stop working. However, the below break-down of some of this week’s most intriguing stories is a great reason to quit split-testing landing pages and, of course, exercise your clicking finger. This week, we traveled around the web and back!

» Why just yesterday, we stopped by PCWorld to talk about what goes into making an effective celebrity tech spokesperson.
» Learn about the antics of a nefarious copyright troll–and one judge who won’t back down from grilling them.
» Before the world ends, watch these five videos.
» Also what can marketers learn from doomsday prophets?
» Sony, Sony, Sony.
» Uh, it turns out the UK is suing Twitter. Does anybody even know how to use social media anymore?
» Take a look at Buzzfeed’s Rapture Feed for some quick laughs.
» Reel Grrls is a Seattle-based non-profit that was in danger of losing about $18, 000 in funding from Comcast after it tweeted criticism about a recent hire; after they reinstated it, they rejected the funding.
» Speaking of being careful what you tweet and living with the consequences, we talked about brand-killing Twitter habits at Outspoken Media this week, too.
» That was also syndicated at the Business Insider.
» Tomorrow, New York TimesBill Keller‘s argument that the internet makes you stupid goes live. It was already published online and the internet had very strong opinions.
» And finally, TV’s Roseanne has written this wonderful thing for New York Magazine that is not related to marketing or social media, but still worth a read.

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