Tech Spotlight: n0tice Brings Geotargeted News to You

Shortly after Google announced News near you, a captivating new start-up turned up on the web: n0tice. We like n0tice. It’s easy to use and best of all, there’s no fussy search algorithm that plays favorites with the news that’s near you; you enter your postal code and the website pulls up newsworthy events that have happened within your proximity. There’s support worldwide, but currently the most active regions are: NYC, SF, Oakland, and London, but that’s sure to change. n0tice also allows users to sell items, perhaps making itself a destination that may disrupt craigslist’s dominance in the online marketplace. As we noted with Neighborhoodr a couple months ago, sites like this may revolutionize the way ads are served, allowing for local merchants to grab a bigger slice of the digital pie.

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