Hello again! It’s Saturday. And hopefully your Friday the 13th yesterday wasn’t too rough’n’tumble. We’ve got a dizzying pick of highlights from the past week, so sit back, sip your coffee, and exercise your clicking finger!

» Breaking down the epic Facebook-Google rivalry that dominated headlines near the end of the week.
» The tech world’s fascination with Nigeria continues: Did you know there is a boom of start-ups there? How many of those start-ups are piloted by recently-deposed dictators?
» The RIAA recently squashed Limewire; are Google and Amazon next for their cloud-based initiatives?
» We all dislike content farms, but is Google’s hard-line perhaps a little too merciless?
» Hurray. After experiencing a Tumblr-sized outage, Blogger came back online late yesterday.
» Netflix could be a show-saver for gems that broadcast networks want to throw out.
» Are you betting on branding?
» Did you get your tickets to the 19th Annual Internet Meme Convention?

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