» A great lesson in brand exceptionalism: If you’re not striving towards humility, you might be doing it wrong. [Seth Godin]

» We thoroughly deconstructed the media response to Facebook’s failed Google smear campaign. But TechCrunch dives even deeper. [TechCrunch]

» But here’s a refreshing take on that matter: Even if Facebook’s method of informing the public about Google’s quiet data mining efforts was unscrupulous, it still brings to light something all internet users need to be concerned about. Google is making connections about your social media presence and what services you use without subverting the law. [Mashable]

» Google may need to pony up half a billion in a settlement over illegal pharma ad placements. [Ars Techncia]

» “I believe that success is a direct reflection of determination and the willingness to put yourself out there wrapped up with a little bit of timing and luck.” – Neverblue’s Samantha Brachat [Jonathan Volk]

» Remember Vitaly Borker, whose sales strategy was to frighten customers to turn a profit? He’s facing up to six years in jail. [Search Engine Land]

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