– In affiliate marketing, the truism that failure begets success is gospel–but what if part of that failure was the willingness to acknowledge faults in a group setting instead of attempting spin control? [Seth Godin]

– Twitter is awash with super-smart robots. Are you following any of them? [The Atlantic]

– After her big ad:tech keynote yesterday, Arianna Huffington finally breaks the silence on the $105M lawsuit filed against her by her ex-bloggers. [Mediaite]

– Sometimes SEO is not about keyword optimization but giving Google a reason to “wife up.” [Outspoken Media]

– We toss the word around “publisher” a lot in affiliate marketing–here’s a quick overview of a few things we should be focusing on. [HubSpot]

– Did Facebook fork over the account of 40% of its Chinese users to make good with the government as it gets ready to enter that market? [ReadWriteWeb]

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