If you watched Celebrity Apprentice last night, you can recall one of the more ridiculous moments on television, ever: Star Jones trying to whisper into deaf actress Marlee Matlin‘s ear. And that bit of TV might actually just be the wake up call you need. Because Jones’ decision to whisper into Matlin’s ear last night during an episode of ‘Celebrity Apprentice’ seemed like a great metaphor for everything you might be doing wrong as an internet marketer.

For affiliate managers, one of the major challenges is knowing your clients and knowing how to communicate well with them. The Star Jones Approach to Communication is definitely the way to go if you want to alienate your publishers and possibly block of all chances of getting them to run campaigns in the future.

Instead? Do whatever you can to get the sales narrative down pat:

  • Research first and then call, so you’re not trying to whisper into a deaf actress’ ear only to have her explain to you that she’s deaf.
  • Takes meticulous notes and err on the side of too detailed if necessary.
  • If your calls are infrequent, this at least provides a jumping-off point for the next call.
  • It also helps make your communication more efficient and effective.
  • By sending relevant offers only, you’re ensuring higher open rates too as a trend.

The biggest takeaway then from Star Jones’ turn on The Apprentice last night? Pay attention or else you might look stupid.

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