Congratulations! You’ve made it to April! And if you’re in NYC, you might be wondering who’s pulling a prank that’s seeing snow flurries fall across the city. The answer: Weather. But on the internet, brilliant minds are at play, hatching up some of the kookiest April Fool’s jokes. A quick summary of the ones that caught our eye below.

– EIC of Gawker Media auto-blog Jalopnik issued a statement saying that the landmark blog had been bought out by The Huffington Post.

– Coverage on Mashable, meanwhile, outlines a variety of pranks issued by Google’s departments.

– makes a big win today by pushing a Web 1.0 version of its video-streaming website live.

– Kodak too, scores with Relationshiffft, an app that automatically removes someone from all instances of a video or photo you’ve posted across the web.

– And another one: Google rolls out yet another web initiative: Comic Sans For Everyone.

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