WARNING: Fraudsters are ramping up efforts to illegally procure accounts on affiliate networks in an attempt to commit credit card fraud. Mediatrust has the breakdown and it’s a must-read. We’ll have our own take later today. [Mediatrust]

– Quite possibly one of the greatest arguments out there in favor of an iPad: Because we can’t possibly utilize the same device (our personal computers!) for both work and play. [Seth Godin]

– After the New York Times declared it was going to raise a paywall, it took the internet only minutes to build backdoors into its gated world. One enterprising soul even forged ahead with @freenyt and now the Times is asking Twitter to disable that account. [Mashable]

– The scary truth about how the internet knows everything about you because you were willing to give up that information. By paying with data instead of cash to use those services. [Time]

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