– In the wake of Google’s mass slash’n’burning of content farms, this is an eerily valid question to ponder: Is bad content simply in the eye of the beholder? [TechDirt]

– Apparently the very idea of “campaigns” and “flight dates” is outmoded. This is news to much of the B2B world which still continues to do business on these terms. [MediaPost]

– Uber is a West Coast-based new media start-up (wait! come back!) that allows user to order car service through an iPhone app and then watch as the car gets closer. They are rolling out their big NYC launch, which could either be disastrous or not-too-bad. [Tech Crunch]

– One congressperson wants to pass a law that would require companies to inform users just what data about them is being collected. [Ars Technica]

– One process all of us are familiar with: The cascade of broken promises, the broken cycle of one failed promise that is followed up by another and another until a sales lead’s viability is totally undercut. [Seth Godin]

– Microsoft’s desperate plea for everyone to stop using Internet Explorer 6–which accounts for 12% of worldwide web traffic. [Yahoo! Tech]

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