Just yesterday, the entire world was waiting with bated breath as Steve Jobs rolled out the successor to last year’s most successful tablet. While the presentation was not without its razzle-dazzle, the day-after dust-settling presents the shiny new toy in a more sobering light: As a trinket that features very few actual major upgrades. At least that’s what one tech writer posits.

Perhaps it’s the marketing rule of thumb–to play down the limitations and exaggerate the strengths. However, could the iPad 2 be seen as a proper successor to the original when it likely features the same restrictive 256 MB of RAM (versus flashy Motorola Xoom’s gigabyte?)

What Apple might also be counting on is that the collective cry of the Apple cult is loud enough to stop you from hearing other surprising truths, that Google’s Android had surpassed the iPhone to be the leading smartphone device of 2010. And while Apple is still king of new media in many respects, its selectively forgetful iPad 2 sales pitch, coupled by runners-up closing in on its lead, make its future seem a little less certain.

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