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AM Affiliate: Where Have All the Tech Journos Gone?, LeadsCon vs. Apple’s Big iPad Announcement, + More

– The internet may be notorious for the dissemination of mass favors, but it’s also an encouraging ecosystem for mass gifts as well. [Seth Godin]

– We linked to this look into SEO journalism yesterday for the blog post. We’re linking to it again today for the great comments bubbling beneath the blog post. [Outspoken Media]

– In a sales funnel, make sure to allocate credit to all your advertisers, not just the last one. [Adotas]

– Tumblr gets a sweet new and more democratic curatorial process. [Mashable]

– Is it a crisis of conscience for Apple-loving affiliate marketers that the tech giant has singled out March 2nd as the day it’s going to make a big iPad 2-related declaration? That’s also the second day of LeadsCon. Oh, the choices! [AllThingsD]