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What to Do Right At Leadscon Las Vegas 2011

With Q1 blurring by, we’d be lying if we said LeadsCon Las Vegas hadn’t snuck up on us this year. But we’ll be at this year’s installment of the tradeshow in full force–and with shiny new pens, too. But if Affiliate Summits serve as great way for beginners and advanced-level affiliates to mingle, LeadsCon is for advanced-level affiliates to size each other up. Think: Less denim, more khaki. But if this is your first Leadscon, keep reading for a few helpful tips.

– Even if you can get away with partying all day and night at ASE and still come away with business, scale it back for LeadsCon.

– It’s not casual Friday. Dress to impress…as if you were going out to a meeting by Wall Street, not queuing up for entry into a club out by the Meatpacking District.

– Consider either, but not both, of these strategies.

– And finally, master your small talk. Get up-to-date with current events and don’t freeze up if someone pitches you an idea you’re not too keen about. Banter and politely decline. Just because they’re not your lead doesn’t mean they’re not able to connect you to someone who can be.