How to Cash In On the Super Bowl Hangover

With Super Bowl Sunday coming up this weekend, internet activity is sure to spike in key area like wings recipes, plasma tv look-ups, and of course, beer. Though it might be a little too late to capitalize on some of the pre-Super Bowl traffic–besides Mashable’s already given away the secrets, let’s look at some keywords and verticals that should see some action next week, as the country collectively suffers a beer-soaked, BBQ-scented Super Bowl hangover.

Antacids – Monday morning is going to be rough for everyone. Pharma offers might see a small jump as no one will be feeling well.

Home Cleaning/Services – After trashing somebody’s house, chances are that no one’s going to want to do any cleaning themselves.

Gym/Fitness/Weight Loss – Pizza! Beer! Wings! Chips! Although tasty, most of the junk consumed during the Super Bowl completely contradicts many individuals New Year’s Resolution of losing weight. Expect a second surge in interest in offers and keywords that cater to weight loss.

Sports – It’s common for the sports fanaticism to roll into the week after the Superbowl, with people interested to watch key plays and look up obscure stats. Don’t be surprised if sports related offers and keywords boom well after the super bowl airs.

Jerseys/Memorabilia – As a new world Champion is crowned, expect that teams merchandise to soar. Traffic should be pouring in as individuals look to own a piece of Super Bowl history.

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