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Blogging’s Dead! The Web’s Dead! Everything’s Dead!

Despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary, a handful of individuals in attendance at the Media Dealmakers Summit have decided that the web is dead. This comes not too long after The New York Observer heralded the death of blogging. With so much e-death, what can we guess? Well, that either the definition of death has been appropriated to include things that are thriving or that in both these cases, people are so eager to move onto the next channel of marketing, they’d forgo the foundation.

The truth of the matter is that even though the noise around mobile and tablet channels are loud–deafening in the wake of The Daily, which even necessitated a web-friendly index–that it remains silly to assume that because there is an uptick in smartphone ownership that browser-accessed websites will become obsolete.

More silly? That the pervasiveness of viral content and online videos somehow undermines the necessity for well-written blogs–all this does is give users a wider variety of ways to consume their content. What this also means is that the best will prevail. So it’s not that blogging is dying a horrible death; it’s that bad content is sinking to the bottom and good content is rising.

So is blogging and the web at large as we know it dead? Not at all. It’s just changing shape and that’s a commonplace occurrence for any segment of new media.