– LeadsCon Las Vegas is rapidly approaching; are you all set? [Convert2Media]

– A closer look at how Google plans to root through search result spam. [Affiliate.com]

– Facebook is now sourcing content from you in order to give big brands more inventive ways to advertise. Of course, you’re not getting a cut of any revenue generated. [AdAge]

– …but not from users based in Egypt; it’s been blocked there. [Mashable]

– B2B marketers need to stake out a claim in social media already. [Adotas]

The New York Times is pondering its own WikiLeaks-style news submission platform. [Mashable]

– The President said a lot of things last night during his State of the Union. One point that stood out? A promise to deliver high-speed wi-fi internet to all Americans. [AllThingsD]

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