– Have you registered for Affiliate Summit East 2011 yet? If not, spots are filling up, so act quickly! [Affiliate Summit]

– Meanwhile, many are still trickling back in from ASW. Jonathan Volk offers his reflection of this year’s event. [Jonathan Volk

– How we’ve gone from an internet community to a tablet community. [Seth Godin]

– Japan has invented the house of the future: A small, mobile living unit equipped with all the amenities, in case your house collapses during a disaster. [Gizmodo]

OR NOT! Facebook has reversed on its decision to share your address and phone numbers with third party app developers. [PC World]

– Perhaps Steve Case was right about another tech bubble forming–the I Can Has Cheezburger web empire–the original purveyor of lolcats–just snagged $30 million in funding. [Mashable]

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