– Mashable asks, “Are we too obsessed with Facebook?” and then answers, “Yes, ” by way of providing a fascinating infographic about worldwide habits on the social media giant. [Mashable]

John Chow provides some great notes on A. Jeff Ifrah‘s FTC Prosecution of Affiliates for Advertising Claims panel from ASW. [John Chow]

– One affiliate recounts his own ASW experience. [Daily Conversions]

– Three innovations that have yet to happen to email marketing, but will inevitably happen soon. [MediaPost]

– The rest of us could possibly answer: “Because they haven’t discovered affiliate marketing!” but an editorial asks, “Why isn’t the Internet helping the unemployed?” [The Atlantic]

– Myspace sale remain very high. [WebPronews]

– Although Starbucks updated its trademark logo a while ago, here’s a great analysis of how stripping its emblem of STARBUCKS COFFEE means that the coffee giant is now free to pursue other endeavors. [Outspoken Media]

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