5 Ways Affiliate Marketing Will Boom In 2011

Thanks for the good times, 2010! With 2011 underway, the one constant we can always count on in the affiliate world–and the real world–is change. Here’s a prediction at some potential changes that may take place within our industry in the next year.

Consolidation. Upon today’s news of AdKnowledge acquiring a ton of money through VC funding, one thing is definitely clear: The industry is getting bigger. This can potentially be the beginning of a lot of cash flowing into the industry. After that, bigger and bigger firms can begin consolidating.

Brand Advertisers. This might be more of a hope than a prediction, but as our industry continues to develop, potential brand advertisers could be drawn to a performance marketing model, as a potential replacement for–or in conjunction to–traditional branding. This might come hand-in-hand with consolidation and an increase in investment within affiliate the industry.

Fraud Prevention. The war between the majority of legitimate industry actors and the small percentage of shady fraudsters will continue until the end of time. But as technologies develop–on both sides of the battle, nevertheless–expect better methods for detecting fraud and eliminating illegitimate affiliate activity.

The Affiliate Summit Won’t Be Contained. With ASW finishing up yesterday, and a reported 5,000 people in attendance, it’s pretty clear that this conference is leading the way within our industry’s tradeshow cycle. If you’ve never been to one, look into making it out to the next one in New York. As our industry grows, this will also get bigger, drawing out the best and brightest.

New Affiliates. As the economy continues its stagnant recession slide, individuals are going to be looking for extra money. With affiliate marketing a popular work-from-home industry, expect a constant influx of new affiliates looking to carve their own piece of the industry pie.

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