For the last month, we’ve been chatting with some of the affiliate marketing world’s brightest stars–it’s an undertaking that made us realize something: Sure the two most visible roles int his community are affiliates and managers, but there’s the growing body of peripheral players who are doing some wonderful things in the industry. Some of them were super-affiliates and others are brand-managers. All of them will have panels and we’ve highlighted their advice to marketers below, followed by a listing of where you can catch them during the show. Some of them will be sitting in on more than one session, so remember to consult the full schedule!

– “Sell benefits, not features, by first focusing on the headline, then the calls to action. And remember always to be split testing.” – Jonathan Volk, Dominating Your Niche With Blogger Outreach, at Margaux 1. Sunday 1/9/11 at 12:30pm-1:30pm. [Read the full interview here]

– “Be patient and work hard, because most people are impatient and lazy, and you greatly improve your chances of success just by sticking with it.” – Shawn Collins, First Timers Guide for Affiliate Summit, at Margaux 1. Sunday 1/9/11 at 10:00am-10:45am. [Read the full interview here]

– “Heed to experience; it has inherent value, and will speed up your learning curve.” – Beaudon Spaulding, Facebook Open Graph — Beyond the Like Button at Mouton 1. 1/9/11 at 5:00pm-6:00pm. [Read the full interview here]

– “Stay ahead of the curve so that you’re not surprised by constant changes in the industry.” – Stephanie Lichtenstein, Profit From Trendspotting, at Mouton 1. 1/10/11 at 2:00pm-3:00pm. [Read the full interview here]

– “Learn something new every day and teach that newfound knowledge to someone else.” – Drew Bennett. Affiliate Improv! at Margaux 1. 1/9/11 at 11:00am-12:00pm. [Read the full interview here]

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