– One of our New Year’s resolutions? To regularly update our Tumblr to liven up the affiliate world just a little bit more. [BPM Tumblr]

– Facebook could be going public as soon as 2012. [WSJ]

– …speaking of, is the company becoming even less friendly to affiliates? [StackThatMoney]

– An affiliate marketer goes on the record about why your eBooks about making lots of money probably won’t help anyone make any money. And therefore, are useless. [Finch Sells]

– While this post about how to brand your company with Twitter uses only big brands as examples, it still has useful tips for small companies looking to grow their brands–something that as affiliate marketing becomes regulated, may pro-active companies get more business than those still stuck on automators. [Mashable]

– There’s another snowstorm in the Northeast and mass animal deaths across America, if you were looking for a non-fiscal measure of 2011’s trajectory. [Boston Globe, Gizmodo]

– Here’s a net neutrality story that’s largely worth reading for its allusions to the hit HBO drama True Blood. [Ars Technica.

– Also, Happy Affiliate Summit West, everybody! We look forward to seeing you in Vegas over the next few days. [Affiliate Summit]

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