AM Affiliate: 6 Neat Business Ideas, Netflix and Walmart Violate Antitrust Laws, + More

– 2011 is all about innovating, right? Right. So why not take a look at six bizarre business models that didn’t just take off, but soared and are now enjoying wild success. Everything from doggles to fake wishbones. [Mr. Green]

– However, with 2011 came the quiet passage of new legislation that may have inadvertently illegalized the business models of many affiliate marketers. [Shoemoney]

– Affiliate marketing and football may play out the same way in 2011. [ClickBooth]

– Here is a mess of bar graphs explaining why Facebook is currently valued at $50 billion. [AllThingsD]

– 10 guesses about where search engine marketing’s headed this year. [MediaPost]

– Because Netflix and Walmart may have teamed up to violate antitrust laws, they might give you some settlement money if you’ve ever paid for a Netflix account since 2005. [PaidContent]

– Reddit–a Conde Nast-owned social media outlet known for “breaking news before its broken”–grew 230% in 2010….at Digg’s expense. [Mashable]

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