Today, BeVo Media announced their name-your-payout feature. Very simply, it’s almost like an interactive version of ODigger–pro-active comparison shopping done, but by the merchant for the consumer. It’s an interesting concept, but is it one that will catch on in the affiliate community?

We all know too well how hard it is to to start a new relationship with a network than to build on a pre-existing one. Payout increases, inside tips, and even the familiarity your AM has with you–knowing your preferred method of promotion and campaign history–are all inimitable cornerstones of a successful affiliate-network relationship. Which is why BeVo’s intriguing new Name Your Own price feature might not be a homerun from the outset.

Chances are affiliates approaching BeVo for payout negotiations may already be having those discussions with other networks–via email. This isn’t a sure-bet, but it does the unique task of creating a funnel outside of email–and in this way, it’s still innovative. Because this industry only moves forward with innovations, the ability to name your own price may be the beginning of a much more exciting and effective way for affiliates and networks to raise commissions all around.

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