– Goldman Sachs has invested $450 million in Facebook, helping to bring the social media giant’s estimated valuation to $50 billion. [Mashable]

– The digital marketplace just got a lot more crowded: Google‘s Digital Newsstand plans to chip away at the Apple iTunes Media Store. [AllThingsD]

– If 2010 was the year the internet got scary, 2011 is the year everyone learns how to use it as a major mechanism. Presenting breakdowns of I-commerce, e-commerce, and we-commercie. [MediaPost]

– And 5 more ways how 2011 will advance new media marketing initiatives at a breakneck pace. [Adotas]

– Sure loading up and optimizing buzzworthy campaigns is a great way to boost your ROI in 2011, but it’s a start. Here are five trends to explore to make the year more rewarding. [AM Navigator]

– The best toys of 2010. [Gizmodo]

– And finally, it’s a new year. If you haven’t forged a social media plan yet (what are you waiting for?), prep it now. And make sure your community outreach person follows these guidelines. [Outspoken Media]

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