Affilliate Summits–both East and West–have been drawing eclectic crowds for quite a while now. However, some of the most remarkable contributors to Affiliate Summit tend not to be the affiliate marketers, but the men and women who contribute in other capacities. Today, Stephanie Lichtenstein, CEO of Micro Media Marketing, offers a little wisdom.

What role do you play in the affiliate marketing world?
I am the President & Founder of Micro Media Marketing. In the affiliate marketing world I am very social on behalf of my clients which makes my job fun. I provide outsourced social media management for affiliate marketers.

How did you get started?
I got started in ’07 as an affiliate program manager for Internet Retailer Top 500 companies. Then I moved into the social space. I love the people in the industry so my niche is focused on helping merchants and affiliates grow their site following through social media. Social media ties in really well to our industry.

What are some positive changes you’re observing in the industry?
The industry always has new technologies that will keep you on your toes. I love seeing the developing trends with social and mobile because with them come great new marketing opportunities. In the online space there is always room to grow which is amazing in today’s economy.

What about negative trends?
Off the top of my head: Online fraud is a problem that needs to be stopped.

How do you believe that affiliates can work together to improve the industry?
Everyone needs to come together to make improvements. Since our industry is relatively new compared to others and continues growing at a fast pace, many new affiliate marketers need to be educated. Also creating industry best practices is a start. But affiliates can’t do it alone.

What about this industry inspires you?
There are so many entrepreneurs in this industry with brilliant ideas that inspire me everyday. Being online gives you have a more level playing field. With the right idea and dedication your site can grow to compete with big brand names.

What are a couple of events or sessions you’re looking forward to during Affiliate Summit West?
I want to attend Mobile Marketing on Sunday and Profit from Trendspotting on Monday. I see the potential there already with Mobile so I am interested in seeing what they will discuss. The Profit from Trendspotting is my panel where I will focus on the social media side of spotting trends. I always love the night events. Since it’s Vegas, there are always fantastic venues to look forward to.

Social media has gained a lot of attention in the news recently. How do you think affiliate marketers can best leverage such an emerging technology?
This is huge and my focus everyday. It’s about starting with a connection and making them last. This is something you need to do everyday with your brand and interact with people in real time. You can reach hundreds or thousands of people at once depending on the size of your network. It’s powerful.

When you’re not in front of a computer, what are some of your favorite past-times?
Being on my iPhone. But in all seriousness I enjoy traveling, running, and eating delicious food.

And finally, a novice marketer comes to you for advice. In one sentence, what’s the best advice you can give them?
Stay ahead of the curve so that you’re not surprised by constant changes in the industry.

Stephanie Lichtenstein is the President & Founder of Micro Media Marketing. Throughout her career she has managed Internet Retailer Top 500 companies and affiliate programs in the ShareASale Top 100 PowerRank. She also ran the social media grassroots efforts for the Performance Marketing Association against the advertising tax. Stephanie Lichtenstein formed Micro Media Marketing to offer outsourced social media management to other online marketers. She is also co-host of the weekly #womENT Twitter Chat for a community of entrepreneurs that Empower, Network, and Thrive together. Stephanie has become an industry advocate, public speaker, and blogger for what matters in social media and affiliate marketing. Follow her at @MicroSteph.

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