AM Affiliate: An FTC Payday, the 100 People You Hate on Facebook, + More

– The secret to striking affiliate gold? An unwavering discipline to tether yourself to a computer and work, work, work. [Finch Sells]

– …or you could be lucky and get a paycheck with a little assistance from the FTC. [Super Affiliate Twins]

– Here are several ways you can create a very ineffective email marketing campaign. []

– As the internet continues sorting through the aftermath of Gawker Media’s password spill, this list of the Top 50 passwords used across the blog conglomerate’s family of websites is analyzed. [WSJ]

– Several top marketers sound off on the role of search in branding. [MediaPost]

– Gizmodo writer Dave Pell outlines the 100 kinds of Facebookers he hates. Are you on his list? [Gizmodo]