– While most of us were spending our Sundays enjoying long siestas, Gawker Media, one of the most well-trafficked and well-known online content providers around, found its database of usernames, passwords, and possible site redesigns leaked onto the internet. [Mediaite]

– …and then it turned out that most commenters on the uber-blog suffered from three unfortunate fates: They (a) used “password” as their password; (b) used “qwerty” as their password; (c) used the exact same password for their other social media services, when then lead to a malicious outbreak of Twitter spam to the tune of “acai.” [Mashable]

– This comes on the heels of last week’s Visa and Mastercard outage, however not from the same group. [WaPo]

– Meanwhile, this spate of high-profile hacking is being analayzed as a test of free speech across the web. [New York Times]

– Could social media consumption over time lead to the eradication of the human memory? [MediaPost]

– And finally, keep tabs on all of your important social media feeds by implementing this handy DIY command center. [Outspoken Media]

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