– The outcome of the Button Shape Case Study: Curiously intriguing. [Mr. Green]

– Seth Godin is in need of a few brilliant social media mavens and is willing to pay $25, 000 for them. [Seth Godin]

– Could the US government be trying to replicate the Great Firewall of China with its own Internet Blacklist? [GetAds]

– Groupon has turned its nose up at Google’s $6 billion offer to buy it. [StackThatMoney]

– Short-form blogging platform Tumblr continues to be out since yesterday afternoon. This means that no photographs of wild animals paired with marketing aphorisms today at our Tumblr. [Mashable]

– Your map to the United States of Autocomplete. [Gizmodo]

– A man’s Droid phone exploded against his ear while he was using it. [Ars Technica]

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