– “The “game” of it all motivates me. Competing for traffic, sales, and whatever else. Taking something that doesn’t exist and making it worth a lot money.” – Nathaniel Broughton on his motivation for affiliate marketing. [Jonathan Volk]

– A key to standing apart from the crowd: Almost blending in. [Seth Godin]

– Although its bearing on all things affiliate marketing is tertiary at best, the Wikileaks debacle is one of few major cases that clearly exemplifies both the threats the internet can pose and the limits that can be imposed on it. [Mashable]

– …and a closer look at a couple of other major changes that could have direct and indirect consequences on the way we market. [Affiliate.com]

– …including the new Do-Not-Track list, which, some purport, may wipe out a lot of ad revenue. [MediaPost]

– The FCC may have approved a capped, two-tiered internet. [Ars Technica]

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