– The world of online education keeps growing as a company debuts Anatomy Practice–an online suite of anatomy-based teaching and learning materials–targeted toward higher education. [MarketWatch]

– 5 incredible apps to help make classroom management easier for teachers. [Mashable]

– To aid in turning around “dropout factories”–that is, schools where less than 60% of students graduating were freshmen, the DOE has presented four options, all of which entail shutting underperforming schools down either temporarily or permanently. [WaPo]

– A new social media service is drawing criticism from college counselors as it makes available the acceptance essays of students who got accepted into Ivy League schools to prospective freshmen for a small price. The idea is to level the playing field for prospective students who can’t otherwise the same rigorous preparation that most Ivy League graduates enjoy early on. [SF Gate]

– No one in New York City knows where their new schools chief, Cathie Black, is. [New York Times]

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