– The trick of the affiliate trade? Know how to connect with people and more importantly, don’t engage in shop talk right away. [Shoemoney]

– European regulators have opened an antitrust case against Google, alleging that the search engine giant uses its dominance to enforce illegal noncompete measures. [LA Times]

Kendall Allen presents an excellent breakdown of excess–email excess, social media excess, advertorial excess, and trendcasting excess. [MediaPost]

– This Christmas, buy your special somebody $33 ice cubes…imported from Greenland. [Gizmodo]

– The White House will be appointing a Privacy Czar to keep a closer eye on the practices of marketers who use avenues like Facebook to collect raw data about users. [Adotas]

– Branding by air carriers: Can it be done right? More importantly: Can it make us overlook the unsavory experience of flying? [AdAge]

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