Well, first some background into who Kelli Space is: A college grad who has racked up, with interest, $200K in debt, by following the advice that, “A quality education should never be measured by its high price tag.” Newser has the full story, including how she’s worked it out so if 300, 000 philanthropic Americans contribute $0.67 apiece, she can comfortably pay off her debt. Follow her progress here.

And while we should all look into our hearts and wallets to kick loose a couple quarters, a dime, a nickel, and a couple pennies, perhaps some of affiliate marketing’s most illustrious can give Kelli Space a primer on how to become one among them? This is one of the few lines of work enjoying a big boost in these otherwise recession-addled times. It would also appear that parable about teaching someone how to fish–and how that feeds them for a lifetime, whereas handing them a few tins of tuna feeds them for a day.

So who among our ranks would make for great teachers for Space (and should definitely step forward if only for the publicity boost they’re likely to enjoy?) Click through to find out.

Finch Sells is someone whose tough love approach to sharing affiliate marketing advice might be a great way for Space to get her feet wet–this is a line of work that’s so fast-paced that there’s no room for mincing words–and anyone familiar with this blog can definitely agree that at his blog, it’s all business, sometimes embellished with colorful language to drive the point home.

Another great asset for Space could be Jonathan Volk. Volk regularly features a wide variety of voices from the affiliate community, which is critical to anyone starting out.

One way successful affiliates remain so is by having an eye on the bigger picture–the context of affiliate marketing in the broader internet world within which it exists–and quite possibly bloggers like Outspoken Media‘s Lisa Barone and Seth Godin, who has attracted a following because of his terse, poetic marketing advice could also help give Space the edge she needs to pay those loans back.

More broadly, given how increasingly ill-equipped students like Space are out-of-college to pay back their loans in a timely manner, maybe marketing is something that should become a mandatory course for all incoming undergrads in addition to their other coursework.

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