– Even in an industry like affiliate marketing that’s enjoying a lot of money, the recession can drive companies to dire circumstances. Nevertheless, you probably still shouldn’t accept a drawing of a spider in lieu of amounts owed. [Urlesque]

– Whether it’s pitching new campaigns to resistant affiliates or listening to your AM blather on about new campaigns, there’s always a hard part to every job. [Seth Godin]

– Sadly, for every AM trying to do the right thing, there are roughly 99 others who are being encouraged to do the wrong thing. And in the end, it’s the affiliate who ends up paying. [Finch Sells]

– Many affiliate networks face negative reviews cropping up all over the web by spurned affiliates. Here’s why you probably shouldn’t delete them. [Outspoken Media]

– Could a partnership between Foursquare and supermarket giant Safeway lead the way for more innovative geomarketing initiatives at supermarkets around the country? [Mashable]

– “Engagement media” is what we’re calling a method of branding that combines individual voices with new media platforms in order to heighten a company’s public profile. [Adotas]

– And now, an arts break to take you into the weekend. Photomanipulator/video artist Jim Kazanjian combines faded photographs to create apocalyptic composites. [Gizmodo]

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