Although we’re halfway done with this week, many of us still have one eye looking back at the blur of handshakes and cocktails that was ad:tech New York. How can you ensure that your first week back is as fruitful as possible? Here are five tips.

Round up the troops. If you did ad:tech successfully, your entire team may still be complaining that the weekend wasn’t enough time to recover. So get them back into fighting form by reviewing Q4 goals and priorities. Figure out a way to translate the symbolic victories of last week’s tradeshows into higher revenue.

Be sharp. Even if you’re sitting in front of a computer screen all day, find ways to occupy every spare minute with something that will move you forward. Frequently, outstanding emails from publishers or advertisers that may slip through the cracks due to ad:tech hysteria are a good place to start. Prospects are prospects, even if they opted not to go to this particular show.

Eat a balanced diet. Three squares a day (or five, if you like your meals smaller) will make sure that you’re able to stay on top what will become an increasingly heavy workload.

Work for the weekend. While you can no doubt like everyday like it’s Friday for most of the year (Q1 and Q2 seem like such fond memories, don’t they?), Q4 means that you have to work for the weekend. Sleep early, awake early, and avoid all-night benders five nights out of the week.

Take a walk. Sure every minute of our lives is essentially billable, but if you run into a piece of code that’s not executing properly or an affiliate who continuously ignores your pleas to stop running email-only campaigns as display, take a walk. It may not fix these problems, but it’ll certainly keep you from short-circuiting.

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