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There’s already been much talk about how online education is replacing expensive four-year institutions for many adults seeking continuing education solutions, but this method of learning is also providing a great, if unconventional, solution for other segments of students as well.

The Washington Post reports that as inclement weather hits and makes the commute to school difficult for many students, a rural Ohio town–currently allowed to issue only three snow days for the entire year–will become part of an experiment where they are expected to log on and complete assignments online, in lieu of having to make up snow days at the end of the school year.

– Meanwhile, in a Pittsburgh-area school district, online math classes are being used to ensure that students affected by a recent teachers’ strike don’t fall too far behind.

– And on the industry-side of online education, two online English instruction companies–one based in the U.S. and the other based out of China–have merged to form a new entity that can grow faster than either of the companies that comprise it could. It’s an excellent example of the internet globalizing the online education space and speeding up the process in which information and knowledge is disseminated.

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