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For the last 30 years, college tuition has been annually rising at a rate of about 7%, with boarding going up at a rate of about 5%. And while The Economist has written about how disproportionately college tuition costs have spiked over time given inflation, the bottom line remains this: More and more students are passing on intensive four year-programs for more affordable online programs. These programs allow them to obtain degree certification around their work schedules.

In an interview with The San Francisco Chronicle, Dr. Barbara Drimes, the dean of California Southern University, said:

“With many adults returning to school to complete their degree and further their career goals, there is an increasing need for quality online education that can be accessed from anywhere in the world.”

Drimes’ statement rings even more true when considering the number of working adults potentially taking out loans in order to retrain to become newly employable following the recession. But more than the costs of enrolling at a university, students who telecommute enjoy savings across the board, by cutting down peripheral costs like room and board and transportation.

Add to that the flexibility to complete assignments on their own time and around work schedules, and continuing education students may actually become one of the education industry’s unlikeliest goldmines.

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