– A few very insightful notes on social media’s instrumental role in the Great Brand Dilution of 2010. [Brian Solis]

– Sometimes there can are never enough hours in the day to generate as much income as you want. For that, it’s about setting goals and deadlines and making sure your tasks are manageable. [Andrew Wee]

– Google predicts the future of display advertising: Most advertising will become social- and video-based. [Affiliate.com]

– Rather than bombarding former customers and non-converters, another way to approach email marketing would entail customizing your approach to target specific customers. [MediaPost]

– A litany of poor email practices that will doom your marketing message to everyone’s SPAM box. [Gizmodo]

– Foursquare experienced some major downtime and everyone had to continue partying like it was 2006 for a few hours. [Mashable]

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