AM Affiliate: On Being An Affiliate Marketer, Improving Your Facebook Campaigns, + More

– “I chose to do this as a career because I knew I had to be an entrepreneur anyway because I lacked any qualifications from school and wasn’t prepared to be paid $5 a hour to work for someone else.” – Michael Dunlop on why and how he landed in affiliate marketing. [Jonathan Volk]

– Several reasons why your Facebook marketing campaigns are probably failing. [Ian Fernando]

– The future of media and advertising is going to be all about verification, digital, and mobile. [MediaPost]

– Hold on! An argument for why curated content can actually trump keyword-driven content. [Adotas]

– The perils of marketing on YouTube: Dealing with short attention spans. [AdAge]

– You can now deposit checks by taking a picture with your iPhone and utilizing this shiny new app. [Mashable]

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