– That Facebook alternative we (and everyone else you know) were all abuzz about? The source code’s just been made public. [Mashable]

– The alpha version of the software is available for download as well. [Diaspora]

– Meanwhile Facebook’s job search application gets $6M in funding. [Mashable]

– BP now finds itself well outside of the Top 100 Global Brands list after the oil spill crisis. [Yahoo]

– How to succeed with text-based ads without sacrificing integrity. [Adotas]

– The low open rates of email-based marketing initiatives may make you ponder–as it did with the writer of this column–“Has my email career really been a waste?” [MediaPost]

– In its bid to “get with the times”–not even in a Google kind of way, but in an Aol kind of way, Yahoo! may be suffering a branding crisis. [Gizmodo]

– And finally, whether you’re looking to stroll around Central Park, Bryant Square Park, or even Tompkins Square Park, you will soon be able to enjoy (very limited) free Wi-Fi access in New York City. Up to thirty free minutes per wireless device. [New York Daily News]

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