b- How substantial is your city’s Foursquare Fingerprint? Actually, what the heck is a “Foursquare Fingerprint”? Well, it’s basically a data map of the volume of check-ins registered on a given day. New York, it should surprise no one, has a pretty substantial Foursquare Fingerprint. [Gizmodo]

“Thick skin, persistence and perseverance are critical to becoming a successful affiliate.” – Ricky Ahuja on what it takes to become a lasting affiliate. [Jonathan Volk]

– A love letter to being unplugged and ignorant about Apple‘s Ping and Google Instant Search–perhaps a week too late as Labor Day weekend has already passed. [MediaPost]

– Quick note to marketers: Most people on the web are now frittering their lives away on Facebook, not Google. [Mashable]

– Business as usual: Some affiliates behaving badly–but at least with a little innovation. [Digital Moses]

– And speaking of affiliates behaving badly, spammers “create” an estimated 57, 000 websites a week. [FastCompany]

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