– With the CPA space getting more and more crowded each day, the success for new affiliate marketers lies in living on the fringes and banking on niche offers. [Finch Sells]

– New market for affiliates promoting via mobile traffic? Research shows that 72% of all adults are text-messaging now. [MSNBC]

– If you’re still shaking in your boots re: that Google-Verizon plan to limit net neutrality, find relief in a local, independent ISP based in San Francisco that offers its customers unlimited bandwidth. [Ars Technica]

Brenna Ehrlich and Andrea Bartz‘s latest “Netiquette” column about the ramifications of unfriending on Facebook should provide a caveat to those affiliate marketers who add other affiliate marketers into their network in a bid to amp up the volume of connections–without gauging how they could better work together. [CNN]

iPhone users eat chicken while Android users eat pork. Does this mean Blackberry users are vegetarians? [Gizmodo]

– The trouble with the dating vertical and copyright issues. [Riley Pool]

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