– BP has admitted to Photoshopping their images from the oil crisis. It’s how selective memory works! [Gizmodo]

– Do you agree or disagree with this piece about how Google’s ever-growing influence as a search giant shouldn’t be subject to government review? [MediaPost]

– Despite achieving predicted growth of a half-billion users, Facebook may be losing users where it counts the most: 18-to-35 year-olds. [Pace Lattin]

– We’ve blogged about how the affiliate marketing industry needs more transparency, but here’s an article that begs to differ. [DM Confidential]

– An intrepid team of researchers have taken it upon themselves to create this stunning visualization of 300 million tweets over 3 years to show when people are most (and least!) happy. The most startling (but not really) part? Detroit, the fallen auto capital of the world, is hardly ever happy anymore. [Mashable]

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