– E-mail marketing as a more personal way of engaging with consumers where Facebook and Twitter may fail. [MediaPost]

Esquire takes us back to web 1.0 with 15 websites that were gone too soon. [Esquire]

– Meet Wildfire: A Groupon-style app for brands on Facebook to present coupons to their fans. [InsideFacebook]

– Despite the fact that most of us never meet one another face-to-face, one affiliate goes into depth about why doing so could mean more potential business for everyone involved. [Flinstone.es]

– With dating being a $1.049 billion industry in the U.S., this new service that matches up pairs according to their favorite books should have no problem finding traction. [Mashable]

– Here’s an infographic that explains what could very well happen in the long run–from the site of the oil spill all the way above sea–as a result of BP’s disaster. [NRDC]

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