– Well wasn’t that hype short-lived! A class-action lawsuit’s been filed against Apple for the many flaws in the iPhone 4G. [HoustonPress]

– …and here’s some of the paperwork for that lawsuit. [Gizmodo]

– Turns out teens are now suffering from Facebook Fatigue. We’re not really surprised, are we? [Mashable]

– Which still doesn’t explain this statistic: 43% of Americans who use the internet are addicted to Facebook and other social media. [Edelman Digital]

– There can be many perks to taking risks on “future niches” if you’re an affiliate looking to add a little color to your portals. [Ian Fernando]

– Google just isn’t getting along with the world, is it? First there was China and now, France. [MediaWeek]

– Although they are getting along well with Indian authorities…but collecting heat for possibly unethical and illegal SEO practices used to censor content over there. [CIO]

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