iphone,  iphone 4g,  iphone 3gs,  lolcat,  ipad,  apple – MacGyver your way to a quieter affiliate marketing work environment. [Super Affiliate Twins]

– It’s finally happened. Nearly every post over at tech blog Gizmodo is about the brand new iPhone and how it doesn’t work and Apple’s snide technical support. [Gizmodo]

– FTC cracks down on Twitter‘s lack of privacy; missing in action for Facebook. [MediaWeek]

– It might be a bit too early to herald the death of the business card. [Mashable]

– An aspiring affiliate marketer sounds off about wanting to get axed from his day job in order to pursue affiliate marketing full-time. [Riley Pool]

– And finally, a great blog post about how technology is a tool and we’re still responsible for making it useful. [Edelman Digital]

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